Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Clean out the Fridge Night: Homemade "Yumm" Bowl

This is something we have for dinner (and lunch) quite often.  Cafe Yumm is one of our favorite places to eat, and we buy their Yumm Sauce by the huge one liter bottles so we can make our own versions of their fabulous Yumm Bowls at home.  (Side note: It also makes a great salad dressing!)

Tonight's version was composed of basmati rice, black beans, stir fried veggies (leftover crudities from our Super Bowl party: carrots, celery, radishes, kohlrabi, and broccoli), Yumm sauce, a little salsa, and some toasted flax and sesame seeds.

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  1. We make Yumm bowls a lot, too...but yours look way better and healthier. I think I will try adding more veggies to ours next time. Yumm sauce is the best!


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