Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Potato Salad with Mint

This is the second recipe from the week one CSA newsletter.  This was a good potato salad; fresh and zippy, definitely something I would make again.

This recipe uses purple viking potatoes.  They have deep purple skins and are white on the inside.  If you can't find these, small red potatoes will work just fine.  They also call for purple onions (is this another name for red onions?  Please enlighten me) but I prefer the milder onion flavor of shallots for this kind of thing, so I used those.  For the mustard, I bought a delicious whole grain Dijon at Trader Joe's that is killer in this salad.

We had the potato salad on Saturday night with some quick homemade black bean patties.  They would have been burgers, but we didn't have buns and didn't feel like going to the store.

Potato Salad with Mint
adapted from Gathering Together Farms CSA Newsletter
Serves 4

1.5 pounds Purple Viking Potatoes
1/2 cup plain yogurt (or mayo)
1/4 cup finely chopped shallots
chopped mint (add to taste)
1/2 tablespoon whole grain Dijon mustard (or stone ground mustard)
1 tablespoon olive oil
salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

Wash and scrub the potatoes.  Cut into one inch chunks, no need to peel.  Steam the potatoes for about 20 minutes over about an inch of boiling water, until they pierce easily with a fork.  Set them aside to cool before mixing with the other ingredients.

Meanwhile, combine the remaining ingredients in a medium bowl.  Add the cooled potatoes and mix gently until the potatoes are well coated.  Taste and season with salt and pepper as needed.


  1. wow. i want to try this one!!! yummy.

  2. This looked really good. I was also wondering about the onions, but I think they mean red onions. I actually never used that mint, it is still sitting in a vase of water in the fridge, darn! I have been doing well using the other stuff, though, how about you guys?

  3. We've been doing pretty well, too. It's been a manageable amount so far. Last week we didn't have much time to cook, so I ended up roasting most of the veggies in the oven for dinner one night. They were good! Thanks for the idea of using the chard in an omelet, it was really good (I added some blue cheese too!).


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